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Hello Lovelies!

Aujourd'hui je vous retrouve avec la manucure la plus simple du monde, jugez par vous même :
Here I am today with the world easiest manicure, see for yourself: 

En base, j'ai posé le Revlon Bare Bones, un très joli nude opaque en deux couches. Ensuite, j'ai simplement ajouté une bande de striping doré en essayant de viser le milieu de mon ongle et recouvert le tout d'une couche de top coat mat. C'est la première fois que je matifie du striping tape et je suis complètement fan du résultat :D
For the base, I've used Revlon Bare Bones, a pretty nude opaque in two coats. Then, I simply added a bit of gold striping tape trying to aim for the middle of my nail and covered everything with a coat of matte top coat. This is the first time I mattify striping tape and I'm loving the result: D

Vous aimez ?
Do you like it?

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  1. Il est chouette ce vernis, tout simple mais finalement, on a toujours besoin de (milliers?) nudes :D Et puis c'est génial d'avoir matifier le striping tape, c'est trop joli <3

  2. I am in love with this mani! I have heard (well, actually read) several nail bloggers express a touch of exasperation with their simple mani getting so much more attention than a mani they did that was complicated and more time-consuming. I can understand their feeling but these simply elegant manis are so appealing! Thank you for sharing your love of nail polish with us, and for the wonderful blog and photos!

  3. Beautiful, I love such simple manis, they're so elegant :)

  4. The base is somehow to yellow for me, but the overall look of the nails is just amazing. That bit of gold really does it for me, I guess ;)